warmly welcomes those who have a keen interest in media reform in Sri Lanka.

It is promising to see the current conversation about media reform both within the media community and among policymakers.

Given the lack of collated information on various efforts on media reform, at least since independence, the current media reform conversation seems to be detached from its historical roots.

The web portal can be described as an attempt to create a virtual depository of the struggle on the ground in the digital environment.

This web portal presents you with a collection of various civil society and government strategies, proposals, ordinances, commission reports and academic perspectives on post-independence publications on media reform.

We expect portal to be a valuable source of information to the professional journalist community, advocates, social activists, scholars, policymakers and academics who are in a constant and critical engagement for media reform. 

You will also find information regarding the conceptual framework for reform that is required for a socially responsible media involvement.

The themes for this site have been derived from a publication called “Blue Print for Media Reform” (Free Media Movement – 2017).

A proposal titled “Blue Print for Media Reform” was submitted at the 2017 National Convention of the Free Media Movement held parallel to the 25th anniversary of the Free Media Movement, to move forward with the suggestions for a more comprehensive media reform initiative received to that point.

After reviewing various reform proposals presented so far, seven themes were identified in this proposal to be the foundation for a new policy that would be formulated. 

The source documentation of the mediareform. Lk portal is formulated based on these seven themes.

The themes of the Free Media Movement’s broader media reform proposals:

  1. Media Reform Direction (new addition)
  2. Nature and technology of media structure
  3. Rights of the audience & media literacy
  4. Professionalism and rights
  5. Promoting freedom of speech & expression
  6. Media ownership
  7. The nature of regulation
  8. Safety of Journalist